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This film was so charming, funny and heartfelt.  I loved every minute of it. Based on the Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" broadcast that many mistook for an actual alien invasion, the conceit of the film is exceedingly clever. Great cast, script and direction. Highly recommended!
  Ray Epps
what can I say, I am a die hard jersey fan so of course I love this DVD set.  "party's here!"
  Thomas Deegan
Bought these sheets for our new Purple mattress  . Purple recommendso stretchy sheets due to how the matresses top layer, which is really squishy. After some research, I came across these. They fit perfectly and allow for the stretching that standard cotton sheets don't provide. These sheets are very soft. Been using them for about a week now and I don't see any signs of pilling. I've had jersey sheets in the past that pill easily, but these are smooth as day one. They have been washed twice so far, one was right out of the package. I'll give them a few more washes and update my review if they start to show any undesirable signs of wear. So far, I'm really pleased with them!
  Eloisa Vargas
as pictured.
  Kumsuwan Saowanee
Love it :)
  Elemar Blanco

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Review because of calitia
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Yoesmith Sosa Perez
  Mine were definitely labelled 100% cotton, though the fabric is an interesting texture. Fit seems fine, and inspection of the sewing seems good as well.
Riki Febrian
  Very comfortable fit and it feels good on your skin.  Pockets are easy to access and it is nice to have one secure zipped pocket.  My only problem is that the elastic at the waist is so tight that it is hard to take off when you are sweaty.

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