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Nice sheets, perfect for the size mattress I have. Soft  texture for the baby
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Great fit. Used for nontraditional purpose and works  great! Cant wait to order the long sleeve items
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I really like the fit of this jersey! I wear a small @ 5'6  and 140 lb it's hard to get the exact fit that I like. However, excellent  craftsmanship and I really like how it's a pull-over with a long enough zipper.  I would like a little longer sleeve cuff, because the shorter cuff tends to work  its way up my arms. Nota huge issue because the jersey just works.
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I have ordered the Patriots, Packers and Bears for my  sons. They LOVE the helmets. They are not heavy at all, so my boys can run  around and play in them. When they are not using them, I have them hung up in  their rooms as sports memoribilia. The jersey to me is just an add on. It is  poor quality and runs small. It also does not look like the players jersey in  any way, so my boys do not wear them. I give the helmets 5 stars and the jersey  1 star.
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